This is now my Film Blog

This is now my film blog. Nothing much will change, rather than discussing art, I will discuss film. Instead of artists I will discuss writers and directors. Instead of paintings I will discuss films. My personal art will still make an appearance from time to time, as ultimately this is a blog dedicated to my creative process, of which my illustrations will still play an inevitable role. Things will remain interesting. Things will remain good.

Here is what I consider the borders of tolerable absurdity.

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Let’s get creative! :)

This is how I feel everyday when I go to school and I know I need to be creative.

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Music Spotlight at Whatever God Damn Interval I Feel Like


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Strangers ejaculating nostalgia in my general direction.

More often than not, I find that the internet is like an individual clad in a trench coat, who sits in a dark corner. You’re walking around one day before he fucking comes out of nowhere, throwing his coat aside only to reveal that he is violently masturbating, and to a lesser extent, the huge “Friendship is Magic” tattoo that straddles his chest like a cheap dominatrix. Before you have an opportunity to react, he ejects his man juice with a force that can only be described as potent.

A couple of days ago the internet ejaculated something at me, which I was actually interested in. This trench coat… guy, popped out of the corner, and somehow ejaculated a flatland BMX in my direction. Not a literal bicycle, as entertaining as the image may be, but in the form of a video. This video.

Easier to ejaculate than a bicycle. 

If you’ve read my blog consistently (HA), then you’d know that I have a soft spot for short films that have emotional “pulling power”.
In a way, this footage of Terry Adams, cuts me with a very nostalgic edge. His description of Louisiana is exactly how I have described Brisbane, where I did the majority of my “Growing up”. Gives me a bit of a pang, especially considering the fact that I exclusively rode a flatland BMX while I lived there, and have only adopted a street bike after becoming a complete hipster faggot douche.

Thanks aggressively masturbating stranger, for rekindling my passion in flatland.

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After much crying and ice cream I’ve finally come to two sketches, which shall progress to be two of my finals. Praise Jesus. They encompass the raw emotion, and powerful figures we find in our dreams, and to an extent the motifs some of us experience while dreaming. 





Given more work and time, I believe I can make these pieces very art. 

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Gorillaz – Hip Albatross

Thinking of doing a weekly music spotlight, sharing a piece of music with you all that isn’t particularly well known.

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Creative Block, Die

Dear Creative Block, 

I disagree with your opinion. But I will defend to the death, your right to go fuck yourself. 

And with the thanks of my arty friend, today, creative block did just that. Here are the results, please, don’t get your hopes up. 




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